CakeExpo is a platform to connect home bakers and prospective customers. CakExpo aims to offer you the cake design for each celebration. You can narrow your searches by cake Location, radius, and popularity. You will find N number of home bakers around you and their cake designing skill. You can place an order from this portal and the respective home baker will contact you. CakeExpo does not accept any money for any order from the customer. Placing order and fulfilment will be done on your sole discretion. Our platform is to show the talent of home bakers around you. Before placing an order, you can check their reviews and make the decision.

Cake Design Ideas

Whenever there an occasion, we always try to make it special and cake is one the important element of celebration. Searching the right cake to match with the celebration theme or occasion can be a tedious task. Their CakExpo comes in picture. We have a variety of cakes prepared by home bakers to match your celebration. You can search cake design ideas by keywords and it will show you lots of ideas mating to your keywords. Rather than searching on social media sites and asking for a reference, you can get the right cake design idea along with its creator; will make your life easy. CakExplo not only shows you cake designs ideas but you can place your order from our platform itself. If you have any questions, with regards to any cake design, you can directly contact the respective home baker and get it solved. You can compare cake finishing, home baker rating, pricing and take your decision.