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Doll Cake Design

Doll Cakes are among the most popular cake designs for little girls who are celebrating their birthday. The most common doll used for doll cake designs is the Barbie Doll. Girls like Barbie dolls because of the fact that they are princesses. Barbie dolls also get to wear the prettiest dresses. Just like them, little girls also like to dress up in fancy dresses and become princesses, hence the doll cake design is a popular design.

Girls like dolls especially when they are the only children in the family. For them, having dolls is the same as having a lot of friends and relatives. They would surely be happy to have a doll cake for their special day.

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Barbie Cake Design

Majority of the doll cake designs involve the Barbie doll as the centre of the cake. Then, they are usually decorated in colourful icing or various other decorations depending on the flavour of the cake. Here, there are no limitations to how artistic the home baker can be. It can be a simple cake or a very fancy cake.

If this cake is present during the little girl’s birthday celebrations, she will definitely be very popular among her friends as everyone will be delighted by the beautiful doll cake design. Because, not only will it be a show stopper, but it will also be the highlight of the birthday party.

Frozen Cake Design

Some of the most prominent flavours for doll cake designs are strawberry and blueberry. The blueberry design comes with blue icing which reminds the girls of Elsa from Frozen which is one of their favourite Disney Characters. The strawberry doll cake design comes with pink icing which really makes the cake the highlight of the entire event as it stands out and catches the eye.


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