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Order fashion designer cake online

Buy fashion designer cakes online in just a few minutes. Now, the best online cake delivery in town, CakExpo, has bought you a special category of fashion designer cake. Want to support your fashion enthusiast friend? Or encourage your blooming fashion designer friend? Get the trendiest fashion designer cake from CakExpo and surprise them! They will be blown away by the concept of the cake and mesmerised by the way it tastes. And the priceless smile on their face will tell how embraced they feel by you.

Buy the latest online fashion designer cakes

CakExpo designer cakes are made from the most premium ingredients, like fresh cream, real butter, and flour, to ensure high quality. To accommodate everyone's palates, these cakes are made in a wide range of flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, berries and red velvet. 

One of our best-liked designer cakes is the fondant cake, which is covered in a coating of silky and supple icing produced from sugar and water. They are intricately designed and accentuated by fashion accessories such as dresses, buttons, scissors, measuring tapes and many more. These elaborate patterns and embellishments represent a designer’s work table. Furthermore, messages are added on the fondant layer to send a sweet note to your friend.

Other liked fashion cakes are buttercream ones. They are frosted with decadent, creamy icing composed of butter and confectioners' sugar. They are nicely decorated with pipings, pearls and designer items. A buttercream cake can be decorated with fresh fruits, flowers, and other toppings to give them a more informal and rustic appearance.

Order customized fashion designer cakes online

There are countless options available when it comes to fashion designer cakes. These cakes can be created in any style or for any event, from sophisticated and beautiful to playful and whimsical. Fashion designer cakes can also be customized to represent the individual's interests and hobbies. For instance, a fashion designer cake might be made to resemble a runway with models and accessories for someone who loves fashion. All these demands can be met by CakExpo home bakers, who take customized orders and delivers the best to you.


What are the occasions a fashion designer cake is suitable for?

A fashion designer cake is suitable for Bollywood parties, runway parties, fashion house launch parties or birthday parties of designers. They also fit in the parties or launches of brands and clothing lines.

Can a fashion designer cake be made vegan?

Yes, we have options for vegan fashion designer cakes. To put such an order, dial the CakExpo number and let the baker know your requirements. A vegan fashion cake will be delivered to you. 

Are the components on the fashion cake edible?

A fashion designer cake is completely edible. The elements for the cake are made from scratch with fondant, and food colours are used for decoration. 

Price Depends on Weight, Location & Customization. Our Bakers Will Help You
Price Depends on Weight, Location & Customization. Our Bakers Will Help You
Price Depends on Weight, Location & Customization. Our Bakers Will Help You
Price Depends on Weight, Location & Customization. Our Bakers Will Help You