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The game of Fortnite is nothing new, and everyone knows how popular it is among kids and adults. As the game has taken over the world, its merchandise has become quite famous, from clothing to goodies to cakes. Fortnite cakes are the go-to options for gamers, their fans and kids. Though getting a Fortnite cake can be challenging to obtain from local bakeries, ordering a Fortnite cake online is relatively easy. Yummy Fortnite cakes are available in multiple designs and quantities, with options for various flavours.

Buy birthday Fortnite cakes online

Birthday Fortnite cakes are always a hit option for kids' birthday parties. The vibrant colour, unique characters, and game accents make it a visually striking cake. Usually, a unique Fortnite cake includes all these elements, made from all edible items like fondant and sugar paste. Whether it's a cake decorated with a character from the game or a cake designed to look like a location from the game, a Fortnite cake is always eye-catching and impressive.  

Birthday Fortnite cakes are made in many colours and flavours, ranging from cult favourite chocolate to rare flavours like pan, ras malai and lemon. Every flavour of these cakes is prepared from natural and organic ingredients, which results in a fresh, tantalising taste that has been remembered for a long time. As a gaming cake, the cakes are also filled with frostings or other sweet fillings, such as jam or cream, which gives a surprising element to the cake. 

If you are a gaming enthusiast and a food lover, you can go for our cakes with more than one flavour. If you are going for a two-layer cake, you can add different flavours to the different layers or choose a complimentary flavour for the frosting.  For example, if the cake is chocolate, you can choose the frosting as a rich chocolate buttercream or a sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting.

Get the latest Fortnite cake designs online

Fortnite theme cakes have a very modern design to them. The exotic Fortnite cake designs could range from a battleground scene depicted over it or some characters, elements and gaming props. The mini figurines, fondant weapons, pickaxes, guns, ammo crates or med kits make the cake feel like a true Fortnite masterpiece. A few cakes are also taken to the next level by adding special effects like edible glitter, sparklers, and a smoke machine. Also, you can choose from the favourite elements of the game and customise your yummy Fortnite cake. 


Can a Fortnite theme cake be customized?

Yes, a Fortnite theme cake can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences. You can work with our bakers to create a unique Fortnite cake design.

How many servings does a Fortnite theme cake typically serve?

The number of servings depends on the size of the cake. A typical Fortnite theme cake can serve between 10 to 14 people.

How much does a Fortnite birthday cake cost?

The cost of a Fortnite theme cake varies depending on the size, design, and baker. Typically a one kg cake would cost around Rs. 1500 – 2000.

How do you make a Fortnite cake?

Begin by preparing a rectangle cake and topping it with green buttercream frosting to make a Fortnite cake. Make the Fortnite battleground's outline out of black frosting, then add a blue frosting river. Create Fortnite characters and props like trees, shrubs, and weaponry out of fondant. Top off the cake with these embellishments and a “Happy Birthday” greeting in a font inspired by Fortnite.


Price Depends on Weight, Location & Customization. Our Bakers Will Help You
Price Depends on Weight, Location & Customization. Our Bakers Will Help You
Price Depends on Weight, Location & Customization. Our Bakers Will Help You