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Over the past few years, geode cakes have become popular among cake makers. The gorgeous geodes, which are rock formations with hollow centres lined with crystals, served as the inspiration for these mouthwatering desserts. Usually, the cakes are shaped like geodes, and their hollow centres are filled with vibrant crystals made of sugar or other delicious ingredients. These are frequently used for wedding cakes but can also be used for other special events. If this sounds appealing and tickles your tongue, go online and order one for yourself.

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The beauty of geode cakes never fails to impress anyone. The cakes that mimic the natural rock formation give a unique feel when ordered for birthday parties. Whether you order it for your spouse, your child, or your geologist friend, a geode birthday cake will make them smile up to the ears. You will be able to witness their happiness by staring into their eyes.  

Geode-theme cakes are beautiful, and they are unique in design. With their eccentric designs, we have also tried to make their flavours beautiful. The crystals made from sugar are prepared in different flavours, surrounded by buttercream frosting, holding them together. Gold and silver leaves are added, enhancing the flavour and giving the cake texture. The flavours that go well with the geode theme cakes are vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, ras malai and blueberry. Mostly, the top layer of the cake is made of freshly prepared fondant, which can also be made from your favourite flavour. 

Some of the geode cakes are also available in buttercream form, filled with different flavours of jams and stuffings. These geode cakes are also surprise cakes because once you cut the cake, the inside stuffing is exposed, and the surprise reveals itself.

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Geode cakes are true pieces of beauty, and making them takes a skilled hand. They are a magnificent touch to any special occasion because of their intricate design and attention to detail. They are becoming a common option for weddings and can be tailored to match any colour scheme or wedding theme. Some of the common geode cake designs you will find at CakExpo are:

The classic geode cake

The classic geode design is characterised by a natural-looking rock structure with a hollow centre filled with edible crystals. The crystals are typically made from rock candy or isomalt, and the cake is generally covered in fondant or buttercream.

The floral geode cake

A floral geode design adds flowers and vegetation around the geode formation for a more stunning effect. This pattern uses sugar or rock candy for the crystals.

Metallic Geode

The metallic geode design is an excellent option for a more luxurious look. The cake is covered in metallic fondant, and the crystals are made from edible gold or silver leaf.


What is the price of a 1 kg geode cake?

The price of a 1 kg geode cake ranges from Rs. 1500 – Rs. 1800. However, the price depends on the baker and customizations are charged extra.

How to make a geode cake?

To make a simple geode cake, prepare a cake mix, add food colouring, and then bake in a round cake pan. Prepare different coloured layers and cut through them. Add rock candies or sugar candies in the centre or at the top. Cover the cake in buttercream or fondant and decorate it with gold leaves.

How long can geode cakes last?

Geode cakes can last 3-4 days if properly stored and refrigerated. Keeping it at room temperature is not advised since the rock candies can melt.


Price Depends on Weight, Location & Customization. Our Bakers Will Help You
Price Depends on Weight, Location & Customization. Our Bakers Will Help You