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As Mother’s Day approaches, you need to celebrate this day with full joy and enthusiasm. The best gift you can give your mom is a special cake. You can bake one yourself, or if you do not know how to bake, you can order one from a reputed site. Your mother is someone who always does a lot for you and your family without asking for anything in return except your love and care. So, to appreciate her and fill the day with joy and happiness, you must celebrate the day with great enthusiasm. This article contains information on the top 7 cakes dedicated to mothers.

1] Red Velvet Cake

On this Mother’s Day, you can buy a red velvet cake with ‘maa’ written on it. It looks awesome, and the taste is so delicious that your mother will be impressed. Your sweet effort will surely melt her heart and make her happy. This cake is deep red in colour with white cream icing, which enhances its look and tiny little roses are made on the top. This cake comes in different shapes and sizes, such as round shapes, heart shapes, half-cut shapes, etc.  Along with the cake, you can give her a bunch of roses to make a great start to the celebrations.

2] Butterscotch Cake

One of the most loved flavours for Mother’s Day cake is butterscotch, which is made up of a moist and tended brown sugar layer. This cake is so yummy that it easily melts in the mouth and gives a sweet taste of butterscotch every time you have it. You can add a topping of the best mom trophy or anything dedicated to your mother, which will show your love and gratitude toward her. Along with the cake, you can add a gift, such as any tools that will help her in the kitchen.

3] Rasmalai Pista Cake

If your mother loves rasmalai, you can order a rasmalai pista cream cake. It is a pale yellow cake with a topping of rasmalai and pista. It is round in shape and comes in different weights, which you can order according to your needs. If you are celebrating with your family, you can order a small one, and on the other hand, if you are planning a huge party where you are inviting all your mother’s friends or women living nearby, then you can order a big one.

4] Floral Cake

A floral cake looks beautiful and tastes delicious. It is available in different colours, like blue floral cake or pink cake with a pearl topping. This cake comes in flavours like vanilla, blueberry, white cream, chocolate truffle cake, etc.  Along with this cake, you can add a handwritten note where you can write what you are feeling for your mom and why she is so important to you. You can also write a poem or tell some memorable story from your past. 

5] Cupcakes

Your mother is your strength, and to make her day special and memorable, you can buy a cute little Mother’s Day Cupcake, which is equally delicious as cake but comes in a cup size. Such cakes are loved by people of all ages and are a centre of attraction because of their tiny size. You can also customise it as per your mother’s choice and present the same to her to make the moment memorable.

6] Mango Pistachio Cake

Mother’s Day is around, and it is summer, the season of mango, which everyone loves to have. You can order a mango pistachio cake, which has the exact taste of mango and is easily melted in the mouth.  On the top, you can see some slices of fresh mangoes and a topping of best mom or pyaari maa written on it. This cake has an icing of white cream, which enhances the look of the cake and makes it attractive.

7] Pineapple Cake

You can order a pineapple cake, which tastes yummy and heart-melting and has an icing of white cream. It is made with butter, flour, sugar, pineapple jam or slices and can contain eggs or be made without eggs. You can also give a bunch of red roses or mixed flowers, whichever your mother likes, or add a box of dry fruits. You can also gift your lovely mother a pair of earrings or any other jewellery that she can wear on a daily basis.


On Mother’s Day, you must celebrate motherhood and appreciate the woman who is a role model of love and sacrifice. Your mother is the backbone of your family, as she does everything to make you and your family happy and prosperous without hoping for anything in return. So you must do something which will give her a little relief. You can buy a cake of her favourite flavour, which will act as a token of love and gratitude.