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50th Birthday Cakes in Pune

50th birthday is definitely a milestone that needs a celebration. This special day calls for a grand celebration with friends and family. No big celebration is complete without a cake. You can get amazing cake designs created for this special occasion or theme based cake that reflects your interest.

Whether it’s your mother or father or any figures that played a prominent role in your life and not enough of any gesture can compensate for that. The simplest way to celebrate their milestone birthday is by getting a themed cake in Pune that would delight them.

CakExpo sets no limitation to the themes for your 50th birthday cakes in Pune. Brainstorm and get innovative with the designs. Confused? Here we have some inspirations that you can start from.

The classic champagne cake in Pune

It is the time to celebrate and nothing beats a champagne themed cake in Pune. The champagne cake is the perfect theme to suit for celebrating this milestone. The golden-colored bottle and details definitely set the day on glamour. Add details to beautify this cake. The possibilities are limitless.

Basic Traditional Cake in The Shape of Number 50

You can get a classic traditional number cake with 50 and choose the colors and details that want to add, reflecting the person’s interest and persona, making it a perfect themed cake for celebrating this milestone.

The Suit And Tie Themed Cake in Pune

For someone who is into corporate, this theme works well for workaholics who are thriving in their workplace. It is a way of celebrating their hard work and progress in the corporate world and calls for a perfect theme for them!

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Multilayered Cake With Stars And Cake Poppers in Pune

Multilayered cakes are the best when the celebration is so huge and significant. You can get the multilayered cake decorated with stars and other detailing as you need and glorify the cake with some cake poppers to make the cake look even more appealing and celebratory.

Hobby Themed Cake in Pune

Customize a basic cake themed with their interest and hobbies. You can add elements to the cake which is designed with the help of fondants. It can be drawing, cooking, music, or any such hobbies or interest that they love doing. We are sure that the cake would make them very happy.

So here we have 5 amazing ideas that you can get designed for the 50th birthday cake design in Pune with CakExpo!