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Cake Designs For Husband’s Birthday in Pune

Choosing a surprise birthday cake for your husband can be quite a difficult task. You may have a lot in your mind and can be confused easily with the options available to you. You can illustrate your feelings and ideas through the cake in honor of your husband’s birthday

CakExpo brings our cake design ideas for your husband’s birthday in Pune. You can get a customized cake for your husband’s birthday in Pune with us and choose some of the most popular designs mentioned below.

Cake designs for husband’s birthday in Pune

Choosing a cake flavor may be a priority but that’s not the only thing! You also need to select the design/ decoration that you would like on the cake. With tones of inspiration online, you can be easily confused. One of the best advice to choose the design is to consider something that is very special to your husband or the thing that depicts him in the best way possible.

Suit and Tie Cake

It is probably one of the most popular cake designs to consider. The suit and tie cake look very classic and attractive as well. Celebrate all the years of hard work of your husband in the best way possible!

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Watch Cake

Men love watches, and though with someone who loves watches, this is a perfect cake design idea. You can customize the design of the favorite watch of your husband. This cake looks very special and appealing to the customized design of your husband’s favorite watch.

Sports Jersey Cake

For someone who likes sports, you can get a jersey design customized of their favorite team and sport. This is an amazing idea if your husband is a hardcore fan of sports. This cake would definitely make the day extra special.

Cake Idea for Someone who Loves to Drink

There are many men who love to drink and this day calls for a celebration. Celebrate your husband’s birthday by decorating and arranging miniatures of his favorite drink over the customized cake to add a special touch to his birthday.

Photo Pulling Cake

This unique cake design idea is great for every occasion, including your husband’s birthday. You can get his photos and pictures in the roll which he can pull out from the cake! This is such an innovative idea and would surprise your husband for sure.

These were some popular cake designs for the husband’s birthday in Pune on demand. Have a look at them and hope this blog helped you to find your ideal customized birthday cake in Pune. You can get a customized birthday cake for your husband in Pune with CakExpo. We would love to help you make this day an extra special one for your husband and you!