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Anniversary Cake Design

An anniversary is a phrase that denotes a happy marriage. It is a timeless essence that grows older with each happy day spent together as a married couple. It is recommended that you celebrate all love occasions with your partner, including your anniversary, in order to build sweet lifelong memories.

A delectable anniversary cake design is a must-have, particularly if you are throwing your partner a surprise party. Any celebration would be incomplete without a show-stopper cake. Not only will an exquisite and special anniversary cake WOW your guests, but it will also illuminate the love in the air.

Prior to the anniversary, the anniversary cake design becomes something important to think about. It could be anyone buying the cake from the home baker. Something to think about before arriving at a decision about the anniversary cake design is whether you are the husband or wife buying the cake for your loved one. If you are neither and wish to give the couple a surprise, then you have to figure if you are buying the cake just for the couple.

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Anniversary Cake Design for Surprise Party

If you are planning a surprise party, a lot of thoughtfulness about what they like or dislike will have to be decided prior to finalizing the anniversary cake design. If you are the husband or the wife, chances are you already know these things. So, depending on the number of people you will be inviting to the anniversary celebrations, the anniversary cake design could include a regular cake, a designer cake, or a two-tier cake in case there are many people coming.

Chocolate flavoured cakes are usually the perfect anniversary cake design as most couples love chocolate. Most of the time, it is also a safe bet if you are not sure what cake to choose. But, if the couple does not like chocolate, then there are various cream cakes that can be bought as well. For example, fruit cakes or black forest which is a combination of fruit, cream and chocolate together.

At CakExpo, apart from anniversary cake designs, we have a lot of other designs too. Do visit our brochures and take a look at our special home-baked cakes. If you have a query or wish to place an order, do get in touch with us and we shall be happy to assist you.