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Wedding Cake Designs

If you are looking for wedding cake designs for your special day, then it is imperative that you start planning well in advance. The reason being, the cake on your auspicious day, among other things, should be absolutely perfect in terms of design, theme, colours and taste as well. It is a once in a lifetime moment, so everything should be perfect.

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Planning your Wedding Cake Design Well in Advance

The perfect way to go about choosing the wedding cake design is, firstly, to talk to the home baker you like. Approaching the baker a few months in advance is a good idea as both of you will get to fine-tune the cake’s flavours, theme and colours etc., among other aspects.

Some home bakers may even provide samples. Every person has their own unique flavour profile. What you find delicious would most likely be unappealing to your partner, or to someone else for that matter. Since your wedding cake will be served to a large number of people, you may want to choose flavours that both you and your guests will enjoy.

In all aspects of wedding planning, including cake selections, making a decision can be difficult. Finally, you must choose the colours, embellishments, and types of trim, icing, and cake layers. Recognize that this will be more of an experimentation technique for a while. Since your cake will be on display on your special day, the way you present it is almost as important as how it tastes. Try matching the colours and decorations on your cake to your outfit, a common new trend among young couples.

Two-Tier Wedding Cake Design

The most common theme for wedding cake designs is usually a two-tier cake. The reason being, that not only does it stand out and have the couple getting married and the guests in awe, it also serves up in terms of quantity, because everyone loves cake. It could have minimalistic designs with flowers in different colours or could even be something really fancy.


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